Sunday, September 1, 2013


✔ Copyedit your manuscript before self-publishing
✔ Polish your submission for a writing contest
✔ Get some coaching on your query letter or book proposal 
✔ Hear a published author's thoughts about your idea, hook, and story structure 

The basic services are listed below, but I can tailor a package to meet your specific needs. Just ask! 

I'll read and assess your hook, structure, characters, and pacing. I will also provide writing coaching as needed, by calling out specific examples. Critique services are billed at a flat rate.
  • Book proposal / contest entry* 
  • Query letter
  • Full manuscript
  • Film script 

Grammar, punctuation, clarity, sentence structure. Copyediting services are billed based on hours worked.** 
  • Book proposal / contest entry*
  • Manuscript
  • Film script

* Book proposal / contest entry = 1-3 page synopsis, and the first 30-50 pages.  

**Estimate will be provided based on sample pages

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